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Open a Credit Account with Lakes Heathrow Executive Ltd in Hayes, Middlesex

From businesses that need to transport their staff to the airport to individuals who require lifts on a regular basis, any customer is able to open one of our credit accounts. At Lakes Heathrow Executive Ltd, in Hayes, Middlesex, we invite all clients to start a credit account or sign a taxi contract.

Setting Up Your Account

In order to set up your account, we require your personal details as it will be opened in your name and not with an account number. Although a credit check is completed before the account is issued, we will never ask for a deposit or fee in advance. After the setup, your account will be added to our booking system, allowing us to create a tab under your name that lists every service you have requested. After a few journeys, you will get to know our drivers, and they will recognise you, which is all part of our personal service.

Credit Card

The Monthly Statement

At the end of each month, the accountholder will receive a statement that issues the charges they have accrued over the month and is inclusive of VAT. The statement is itemised, so you will be able to determine whether the charge is for an airport transfer or a taxi journey. The details listed will include the time of collection, the collection point, the drop-off point, and any parking charges. Currently, there are no limits issued on our accounts.

Paying Your Account

Once the monthly statement has been issued to the accountholder, they have a number of payment options available. They are able to supply us with their credit card details to issue a charge, provide their bank details to allow for a bank transfer, or send us a cheque.